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About Best Websites

Best Web sites is an innovative project manager to all your web development requirements. We will take care of your web presence so you don’t have to. We will provide you with support for the following:

Yearly Domain name registration 
We also have recommendations before you register you domain that will make your business more successful.
You can search and buy unlimited domains on our web site.

Hosting: of your files whether business or personal does not matter. You will always be in control of your business and imagination.
And unlimited email accounts in your company name to be as professional with yoir business presence as possible.

Re seller Hosting: become “your name” hosting company and charge others to host their web sites and never pay for your hosting again.

Web design : We will custom build any web site you desire whether you wish to create your own or simulated any site on the web.
We can create any art or technology you like custom made for you and you own the code.
We have unlimited resources to handle any web development project large or small we can handle them all!

Submission to millions of search engines and listings, SEO stratagies, social media site advertising, crosslinks, there is no limit to the amount of opportunities we can provide for you to capitalize on the web

When you purchase one of our web site plans, We will jump start your business with Social media advertising to get your business cash flow right from the start.

Our Skills

Web Development

Web Design


Back-end Support

In these times it is hard to find someone you can trust with your internet presence.
Here at Best websites we are free thinking webmasters we will help you reach your goals without having to worry about anyone controlling your internet Experience be it personal or business. You will be free to express yourself freely and achieve all your dreams without worry. We have your back. No one can threaten your domain in an way shape or form. We will provide you with an administrative panel for every level you wish to climb. Best Websites will be your one stop personal web solution.
We will host your domain for you if you wish at no charge, we will handle your hosting if you like at no charge, we will develop your web design , development with any technology you can imagine, we will market your web site any where and everywhere you like, paid and not paid, we have 22 years of experience on the internet for you to take advantage of at a very fair price. A 10th of what the industry charges. You can hire us with no contract by the hour for as little as $15 per hour.
And on top of all that you can do the same thing we do for you for others.
You can make your own company brand it and we will back you as you offer all of our services and for very low price. We will be there every step of the way to help you.
Best websites has been involved in over 1400 web site development projects as Richwaytech Technologies inc
adns.us and affordableinterenet.net since 1996.

If you want peace of mind choose BestWebsitesinftmyers.com

Tell us your dream.. And we will make it a reality on the web!

Excellent Quality

Compromise on quality is not part of the game at BEST WEBSITE as it is integrated with client’s requirement and software engineering standards.

Efficient Strategy

Our customers are involved in every phase of the project for transparency and this strategy helps to benefit both the parties to avoid minimum risk.


Every aspect of client communication and other records / documents is secured against any unauthorized access. We have strong business and social ethics